An Infusion of Goodness: Rooibos

//An Infusion of Goodness: Rooibos

An Infusion of Goodness: Rooibos

Rooibos tea, as it is popularly known, has now spread throughout the world thanks to the many beneficial properties it is able to bring to our body.

Although, rooibos is an infusion and not a particular type of tea. It is a shrub with medicinal properties,  of South African origins called Aspalathus linearis. Rooibos infusions are the result of its leaves.

In fact, in Afrikaans, Rooibos means “red shrub”, being a typical drink and enormously valued in South Africa for its incredible properties both dietetic and nutritious.

We can find two main types of rooibos infusions: the red rooibos (where the leaves of the plant are fermented and oxidized, giving it its characteristic reddish color) and green rooibos (which has not undergone any fermentation process), the latter being especially rich in antioxidants and of softer flavor.

It has the particularity of being an infusion with excellent properties. Similar in some aspects to the benefits that red tea produces in our organism. It is also the only known source of aspalathin, a powerful natural antioxidant that plays a key role in the fight and prevention of various diseases.

Rooibos usually has a strong and exotic flavor. A bit fruity to the palate, and unlike the tea, it does not have theine nor caffeine, so it is very versatile and we can take it at any time of the day.

It offers plenty of combinations, mixing perfectly with other drinks, milk, fruits, honey, and even take it both hot and cold, resulting in an excellent alternative to cool in summer in a healthy way. What are you waiting to try it?

Rooibos: Properties and benefits for health

Rooibos-based drinks have excellent antioxidant properties. Among which we find chrysoeriol, which inhibits the narrowing and hardening of the arteries. Among its antioxidant properties is the elimination and purification of toxins from our body thanks to its high content of flavonoids, vitamin C and other antioxidants, thus delaying aging.

Additionally, Rooibos infusion helps us to improve our cardiovascular health by promoting blood circulation, benefitting our entire cardiovascular system and controlling blood pressure. It also participates in the metabolism of lipids thanks to its enzymes. Eliminating harmful cholesterol and protecting our liver from various diseases.

On the other hand, Rooibos is also a mild and natural diuretic, which contributes to the detoxification and purification of the body. Eliminating toxins and toxic waste through urine and ultimately regulating the levels of important minerals in our body such as sodium and potassium .

In addition, thanks to its property to prevent and eliminate retained liquids from the body, it is excellent to help you lose weight and burn unnecessary fats. Helping to relieve the heaviness and bloating. Becoming a powerful ally to take into account in any healthy diet to keep us in shape and take care of our figure.

It also stands out as an important helper to our respiratory system. Thanks to its content of flavonoid chrysoeriol, it helps us to dilate the bronchi. Thus relieving any respiratory congestion and fighting against various diseases such as asthma or allergy, acting also as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Finally, it has relaxing properties, relieving insomnia or anxiety problems and helping you to fall asleep. Because unlike tea, Rooibos does not have caffeine. So, we can benefit from its multiple properties at any time of the day. It is delicious both hot and cold, even combined with ice to combat the hottest days of summer. What are you waiting for to take yours?

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