Why is Miso Soup so Amazing?

//Why is Miso Soup so Amazing?

Why is Miso Soup so Amazing?

For thousands of years, Japanese have considered (and still do) miso soup as one of the best products to be consumed. It is a nutritious and healthy low-fat soup that is an excellent natural source of fiber and proteins. It also contains soy isoflavones, which can help reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. Haven’t you tried it yet?

Miso Soup: Tasty and Healthy

For its preparation, Japanese dashi is combined with miso paste. To this mix we can add different ingredients such as wakame seaweed, onion, tofu, carrot, pumpkin … obtaining an incredibly tasty dish full of nutrients for our health.

The key ingredient is obviously miso. Which is made from a base of boiled soya bean paste to which salt is added afterwards together with kôji funghi (malted rice, wheat or barley that ferments during a long process which can range between 3 and 36 months). For centuries it was considered a healing nutrient in the East. Although its consumption began to become popular only about 100 years ago.

There are different types of kôji that are typical of different areas of Japan. Depending on the type of Kôji we use, the miso will be white, red or brown. Generally the white miso is the most used one in the elaboration of the soup. Since it contains rice which gives it a milder flavor, although other varieties of Kôji are equally delicious.

The other essential ingredient of the miso soup is the dashi broth. It is mainly made from dry kombu seaweed. It can contain other ingredients that create its particular flavor like dried bonito or katsuobushi. It can even be prepared using exclusively vegan dashi by adding shiitake mushrooms. The dashi is in any case especially tasty and slightly sweet, giving the miso soup the distinctive umami flavor of Japanese cuisine.

Miso Soup: Properties and Benefits

In the miso soup we find a lot of vitamin A, B, K, C and B12. It contains high volumes ​​of slow absorption carbohydrates, energy suitable for our muscles, in addition to numerous antioxidants, and folic acid. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

It should be noted that thanks to soy, miso soup provides eight of the essential amino acids. So, it is a complete vegetable protein of high biological value that is especially healthy, since it has very few saturated fats. It constitutes a much more recommended option than animal proteins.

On the other hand, the tofu contained in the miso soup, presents a significant amount of the omega 3 essential fatty acids that the body needs to stay healthy. Thus helping us to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and providing nutrients that support to our immune system.

It should be noted that the ingredients present in the miso soup are easily digested, so it is ideal for those who suffer from digestive problems, since algae also promote proper intestinal health and help the body’s natural detoxification.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that miso soup does not only have a beneficial effect on our health. Since it also contains linoleic acid, which will help us keep our skin young and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, achieving a better physical appearance.

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